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„The most powerful beauty lies within the nature of all things. There’s no need to force a peachy blush on a cheek that is better suited to a matching rose tone.“ This is how Stephanie Ruppaner feels as she seeks to complement not only the faces but also the personalities of her clients. She believes that the most stunning make-up applications are not achieved solely by using this season’s signature color palette or following current trends; they are achieved by providing a personalised experience, that caters to the existing beauty which each of her clients entrust to her hands. Raised at Lake Constance and in the mountains of Austria, Stephanie learned the impact of nature’s purity from an early age. Following the completion of her apprenticeship as a fully qualified hairdresser in Frankfurt, she went on to attend the London “Glauca Rossi School of Make-up.” In order to understand the skin organ even better, in 2020 she completed the one-year training as a state-certified cosmetician at the Dr. Gümbel School on Lake Constance with distinction. Since becoming a freelance make-up artist in 2004, world renowned Brands including Mercedes Benz, Siemens, Lufthansa and Telekom have enjoyed working with her. After spending some years in Amsterdam, Berlin, Capetown and Frankfurt her current home base is Konstanz. She is back to her roots.